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‘Interiors Inspirations and Aspirations is a collaborative post, in association with Chill Insurance #InteriorInspirations‘ 

Trinkets collected over the years by mum

If you follow me on Instagram stories (HERE) or Snapchat (@styleboothique) you’ll know that I spend quite a lot of time roaming around interior and home decor shops. I’ve moved back home and we live in an old house, which is amazing, except that there is always something to be painted or decorated…even as I sit here writing this, I’m being intoxicated with paint fumes as the dressers in the kitchen are being turned “Pantry Blue”!

My mum has amazing taste when it comes to interiors and I’ve definitely caught her love of homewares and decorating! While doing up my own house is quite far down the line still, a girl can dream and my Pinterest is full of bedroom, dressing room and living room pins! You can check out my Pinterest here, if you’re interested.

Our downstairs washroom

Our sitting room

I get ideas everywhere – from cafes, shops, friend’s homes and hotels! Everytime I share something on social media about interiors, I get people asking where it’s from or where I saw it, so I thought a post on my “Interiors Inspirations and Aspirations” would be something that you’d enjoy, so here it goes!

Lily Vanilli Cafe, London

The Old Yard, Castledermot, Co. Carlow

As with make-up and fashion, starting with a good base is essential! I always think starting with a neutral base is a good idea. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring – the “neutral” on the walls in our home varies from pink hues to greys, browns and creams. The thing about having a neutral on the walls is that you can easily change the accessories and soft furnishings to completely transform a room without huge expense.


Below I’ve linked some of my current favourite homeware pieces from two of my favourite homeware shops – Next and Debenhams. At the moment I’m drawn towards dusty pinks, greys and teals.

Tripod Lamp – Next | Pom-Pom Cushions – Next | Candle Sticks – Next | Grey Lamp – Next

Pink Velvet Armchair – Debenhams | Teal Velvet Foot stool – Debenhams

I hope you enjoyed this post! As Christmas is coming up and it’s my favourite time of year at home; would a Christmas inspired interiors post be something you’d like to see? Let me know below or on social media!

  With love, Lorraine x

**While this is a collaborative post with Chill Insurance, all ideas and opinions are my own. I will always disclose when I am collaborating with a company or brand. The homeware items posted in this blog post were not sponsored or affiliate links**


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