Great Lengths and The Hair Emporium, Kildare

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I’m always completely transparent with collaborations. In this instance, I paid for my colour myself, however, the Great Lengths Hair Extensions and application was provided free of charge in exchange for coverage on my blog and social media. As ever, these opinions are my own and are always honest.

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As many of you will know, if you follow me on Instagram, I had Great Lengths Hair Extensions applied at The Hair Emporium, Kilcullen, this week. I’ve had so, so many questions about them since getting them in so I wanted to write a full post to answer my most Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s involved in the consultation?

I had my colour freshly done by Mairead, about 10 days previous – this isn’t essential but my colour was due any way. Mairead was excellent, so professional but also an absolute sweetheart.

I was then colour matched and had a full consultation with Amanda Lambe, the owner of The Hair Emporium. We had a chat about what I wanted from the extensions, discussed my face shape, my colour, hair type and went through the styling of what would suit me best. Amanda was then able to tell me how many bonds I’d need and what this would cost normally.

How long does the application take?

I headed into the salon again on Wednesday after work and the full application and styling took about 3 and a half hours, including a cleansing wash and dry followed by the application of the hair extensions and then cutting and styling. This will differ for everyone, depending on hair length, thickness, etc. So ask in your consultation with Amanda for a rough estimate of timing.

I always thought extensions were only for long hair! Why did you leave them short?

I’ve always been under the illusion that if you’re getting hair extesnions, then it’s really such a waste to get them chopped off, so I was a litttle apprehensive when Amanda said she didn’t think it would suit me.  She explained that when I saw it for myself that I’d understand, and she was totally right. When they were in, I could totally see that they swamped me. Moral of the story, with Amanda, you’re in totally safe hands – just trust her!

I can’t believe the difference the Great Lengths have made, yet still look so natural – the photos speak for themselves. My hair doesn’t feel heavier or weighed down, and genuinely, I hardly notice them in my hair, the bonds are so tiny.

Do you notice the bonds?

The bonds are only noticeable when you look very closely. The thinnest part of my hair is around my face, a combination of hair loss and damage, unlike other types of extensions, the bonds are so small that they can be placed really close to my face without being seen. This is also down to application though, which is why it’s so important to go to someone you trust – Amanda is very talented but also highly skilled and trained.

Do Great Lengths damage your hair?

Great Lengths are scientifically proven not to damage your hair, which is really important for me, as someone who has lost a lot of hair due to pain killers, following surgeries and stress.

Do you notice a difference with styling?

Styling is pretty much the same as with my own hair. I waited to write this post for a few days so that I could try washing and styling my hair myself, it’s one thing showing photos of a beautiful curly blow-dry by a professional but I also wanted to show you what they look like when I style them myself! Drying time took me about 11 minutes which is only marginally longer than it was before my extensions, and styling is so easy.

Would you recommend The Hair Emporium?

I coudn’t recommend Amamda and The Hair Emporium enough, the application and styling of my Great Lengths extensions is seriously of the highest quality. Amanda listened to exactly what I wanted and her expertise is very evident. The salon itself is a “not so hidden” gem in Kildare and is gorgeous.

How much do Great Lengths cost?

So, this is like asking how long is a piece of string! It depends on so many variables – the surface area of your head, how thick your hair is, your hair type, and so on. The best option is to pop in for a consultation. Amanda offers free consultations for Great Lengths Hair Extensions, where she will discuss pricing, colour matching and styling.

That’s answered most of the questions I’ve been asked but if you’d like to know anything else just ask me below or on social media – Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.


With love,

Lorraine x

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