Why I’m in NYC & Pretty Little Thing Collab

The outfits in this post are part of a collaboration with Pretty Little Thing. The items were gifted, having been selected by me from their website, however, I do not recieve payment for this blogpost. All outfit details are tagged at the end of this post. AD. 

As I sit here writing this post from a rooftop overlooking Brooklyn Bridge, I honestly can’t believe I’ve done this! I know for some a month of travelling on their own isn’t a lot, people move away for years and set up a whole new life by themselves! But for me this is massive, I mentioned on instagram the other day that I’d struggle to have a coffee sitting on my own, never mind go to a restaurant for dinner in a city I don’t know by myself!


In the last year, I feel like I’ve settled so much, we’ve moved into our first home together, there were some personal things happening in the background for me that have finally been resolved and I just feel incredibly happy and content. I was very aware though that this fire in me was still there. If you’ve been chatting to me at all in person over the last few years you’ll know that I’ve dreamt of living in New York, which is crazy because I’ve never been here before! As some of you will know I’ve taken a career break from teaching this year. I absolutely adore teaching and I will definitely go back but this year is about doing something different and to be creative. I looked into visas to move to NYC, but unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible unless you’re very well established in a career and even then there are so many stipulations. So when the opportunity came up to sub-let an apartment from an Irish girl who lives over here I knew I had to jump at it.

So, for the next four weeks I want to see and do all that there is to do in New York. I’m on a holiday visa which obviously means I can’t work but I’ve emailed, D.M.’d and messaged everyone and anyone with connections in the fashion industry, who I think might let me shadow, meet me for a coffee or as an ultimate goal (albeit, ridiculously ambitious)  – make it to Fashion Week!

The first night I landed I asked myself if I was absolutely mad – it’s a pretty big place for a lil’ one like me! But yesterday I went for a wander, drank coffee in some of the places I’ve been dreaming about for years and just generally gave myself a good talking to! This is such a cool opportunity and I’m going to make the most of absolutely every single day!

Let me know if there are any posts you’d like me to do while I’m over here, this is the start of me getting back into proper blogging, rather than just social media, because my love of fashion and writing are the reasons I started this little space in the first place.

Cross your fingers for me guys!

With love,



Outfit details:

Red Tennis Skirt: Pretty Little Thing
Bardot top: Pretty Little Thing
Boots: Pretty Little Thing

Nude over-sized t-shirt: Pretty Little Thing
Check Tennis skirt: Pretty Little Thing
Chunky Trainers: Prettyl Little Thing

Mustard jumpsuit: Pretty Little Thing
Pom-pom Sliders: Pretty Little Thing

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