A Little Lace Number

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Happy Sunday!

I was out for my friend’s birthday on Friday night and so many of you asked me on Snapchat where my dress was from.  I borrowed this little lace number from my friend, Wilma, and she got it from Missguided before Christmas. I should mention that Wilma had a piece sewn into the front as it was very low – and neither her or I would be brave enough to wear it like that!



This exact dress is out of stock but they have a similar one which you can find here: Misguided.

The shoes are current stock from Penneys, any of you that have been following me for a while will know that I’m still working on getting back into heels so this is as close as I can get at the moment!

This is a short but sweet post but I will have another up during the week, so keep an eye out!

With love,

Lorraine x

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