5 Things I’m Doing at 25

Turning 25 in December scared me a little, I always thought by 25 that I’d have things “down”! When I was younger, I thought 25 was the age that you had your “real” job, your house (I was clearly an ambitious teenager!) and were basically settling down. I turned 25 with no permanent job, certainly no house and with a desire to travel and shop, and definitely nowhere near settling down!


So now that I’ve told you all the things that I’m not doing at 25 let me tell you what I am doing! Here’s 5 things that I’m determined to do at 25:


1. Shop Less but Shop better

This year I’ve made the decision to try to buy more investment pieces, I don’t neccessarily mean really high-end designer pieces, just pieces that I know I’ll have for years to come. I suppose I’m trying to aim towards a more “capsule wardrobe” with key pieces that I can mix and match. Two of the first things on my list were a good pair of black boots and a timeless blazer – I actually found both of them last week! I’ll be sharing them in my next blog post which will be live next week. I want to stop wasting money on disposable clothes that I wear once and end up in the back of my wardrobe. If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram stories (username: @styleboothique) you’ll know that I did a huge wardrobe clear-out during February and I really want to keep it in it’s current state!

2. Save More

This really leads on from my previous point, I want to become more aware of my spending and start properly saving. My first step in this is to move out of South Dublin. I’m moving down to Laois in a couple of weeks and I’m going to give commuting a go. It won’t be easy and I’ll be leaving home every morning before 6 o’clock but I’m hoping between not paying Dublin rent prices and spending half my day in the car it’ll mean that I won’t have time to shop!

3. Travel

Over the last couple of years we’ve seriously caught the travel bug, we’ve been to some amazing places around Ireland and some more further afield like Paris, Vietnam, Thailand, Columbia and The Galápagos Islands.

There’s a quote that says, ‘Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer’, and I couldn’t agree more. Experiencing new cultures and seeing different ways of life is something that I love doing. I’ve got a huge bucket list of places that I want to see for different reasons: Morocco, Peru, Dubai, Rome, Cuba…the list goes on! I also want to see more of Ireland – I’ve never been to The Giants Causeway or The Cliifs of Moher – something that I hope to rectify very soon!

You can read about some of our trips here – The Cliff House Hotel, Our Travels Through Thailand, A Weekend in ParisI did my first travel vlog of our time in Columbia which you can watch on my YouTube here – Columbia Vlog. This year we’re thinking of exploring more of Europe but nothing is booked as of yet, if you’ve any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

4. Enjoy the little things

I’m trying to appreciate the little things, and I mean the really little things, like having a cup of coffee with an old friend, reading a book on a Sunday morning, spending time with my family, going for country walks – things that don’t cost a thing but bring so much joy! I spend far, far too much time on my phone, I want to start designating myself times that I don’t use my phone at all and, instead, do something that I enjoy. I used to love painting with watercolours but haven’t done it in years, I used to read every day and would go through books at lightning speed but I haven’t read a whole book in so long – these are the things that I want to do more of this year.

Lace Top: Vila (similar here| Leather-look Biker Jeans: Only (similar here) | Boots (similar here|

Bag: Louis Vuitton | Dyberg Kern Compliments Ring: Kilkenny Store |



5. Let go

This might sound like a strange one but I want to let go of the things that don’t bring me joy. All of us do things that we hate, just to please other people. This is going to sound selfish but I really want to stop wasting my time on these things.


Equally, I’m sure almost all of us have people that we’ve been hanging on to, these could be people that you may have been very close to at one point or people who you put up with, again, just to keep someone else happy. I’m so lucky that I have friends, family and a partner that make me feel loved, valued and genuinely make me so happy, but there are also people who make me feel insecure, and even anxious when I’m around them- these are the people that I want to let go of. I want to be surrounded by people that lift me up, not bring me down.



This post is something a bit different from me, I’d love to know if you enjoy these more personal posts or not, please let me know below or on social media. I want to write posts that you enjoy reading so your feedback is really important – the good, the bad and the ugly!


With love,


Lorraine x


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